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Even before joining forces to create D-Squared Contracting, Tyrone Area High School alumni Robert Dean and Jacob Dorminy each had their own entrepreneurial aspirations.

“I’ve always dreamed of having my own business and making an impact in the construction industry,” Dean said.

Dorminy started carpentry with Dan Plummer at TAHS and said he always wanted to apply construction skills he knew in the best possible way, but attributes his entrepreneurial activities to other influences.

Among them, “A lot of people close to me – family, friends – have had entrepreneurial activities,” Dorminy said. And also, “Lots of luck.”

Dean, 32, grew up in Tyrone’s bald eagle region and Dorminy, 25, is from Warriors Mark. Both guys have always had an interest in the construction industry.

“I’ve been interested in construction since I was very young,” Dean said. “I started very young to help my father and my grandfathers who were all traders. I started working in the construction industry when I was 14 years old. I received my training from my father and a few other great carpenters over the years.

Dorminy also developed an interest because of her family experiences.

“I grew up on a dairy farm helping my uncle, Scott Cox, and learned a lot about hard work from it,” Dorminy said. “I also learned some very valuable business skills from Caleb Marshall and Michael Kustenbauder after six years of working with Warriors Mark Fencing. I like being able to complete projects and having clients appreciate the finished product.

Eventually, Dorminy and Dean became partners in the creation of D-Squared. Since starting their business in Tyrone, the two have agreed that their experiences have been positive.

“I grew up in the Tyrone area so being able to work and support the area is a great feeling.” said the dean.

“I saw opportunities to pursue a career in this profession,” said Dorminy. “The Tyrone area has a lot of great people ready to support small businesses.”

The two men enjoy their interactions with the local population as part of their work.

“I love listening to clients’ visions and working with them and our team to see their visions come to life,” Dean said.

“A lot of people I know are very encouraging and really love to see people like Bob and myself succeed,” Dorminy said.

Of course, like anything else, having a small business in Tyrone has sometimes been a challenge.

“Finding out how to run a business logistically and efficiently has been a challenge,” said Dorminy. “Without any previous experience it has been a challenge at times, but it’s something that I think Bob and I are doing well so far.”

“Starting a business during a global pandemic was a challenge, but we’ve only seen success,” Dean said. “We have seen a lot of success in our industry in the surrounding areas. “

On the horizon, Dean and Dorminy intend to connect with businesses and customers across the region and take D Squared Construction to higher heights and deeper depths.

“Our business has really grown in the Tyrone area over the past year,” Dean said. “We have already completed several projects in the region and have others on the schedule. I plan to add moving services to our current construction business and double in size over the next few years.

“I look forward to working with other small businesses in the area to help the community,” Dorminy said.

The two fellows have wise words of wisdom for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Keep pushing and never give up,” Dean said. “Always think outside the box. Always think big and be one step ahead of everyone else.

“Don’t let waiting for the right time to become an entrepreneur stop you from doing it,” Dorminy said, “Do it.”

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