When did recklessness become an ideology?


A letter to the editor of the Denver Post asks the question: Is it “conservative” to resist pressure from medical professionals?

Responding to a story about the weak vaccination trend and low mask in Wyoming, the author of the letter called the connection to conservatism absurd. He also attacks the claim that residents of Wyoming who resist vaccines are “fiercely independent.”

The story in question is a report from Gillette, Wyo., With a 20 percent vaccination rate.

Stubborn independence? Or herd behavior?

The latter, says the author of the letter. For one thing, just about all of these people had the vaccines that spared them polio, pertussis and more. Their children too, vaccinated in preschool, because Wyoming requires it.

The difference now for them? He cites two.

(1) “Scouring social media for things without evidence that people without expertise are saying. “

(2) “The rock-solid cult conformity of being on the Trump / MAGA / Q team.”

Add Fox News. It is a triumvirate.

Of course, some Americans, regardless of their political orientation, were strongly anti-vax before this. But what explains the phenomenon of the red state, anti-vax, anti-mask today? The author of the letter nails it.

It is not independence. It is not conservatism. It is pure arrogance and recklessness. These are traits molded by the man who, as the defeated president, sought to explode democracy in January.

South of Denver, in Republican-dominated Douglas County, these same traits are on display.

Following:Texas lawmakers plan to ban vaccines for private employers

The high-income county has been identified by the CDC as a community with high COVID spread. Against the reasoned measures planned to fight against the disease, it is also a high-perched community. And we’re talking very high frequencies – decibels generally audible by the privileged few, led by Tucker Carlson and some Republican governors.

The county has withdrawn from a common health district with two other counties. Now, a newly designed health district has revoked the school mask mandate of the previous health district, which was supported by its school district.

We’ve heard the song and the dance before about the so-called oppression of masks and how they harm young people. I laugh when I see a 4 year old wearing a SpongeBob SquarePants mask and leaping down the aisle of the grocery store. So oppressed.

A masked opponent at the Douglas County hearing reclined on a violin choir: “Missing learning cues, socio-emotional cues and developmental milestones.”

While keeping children safe in an unvaccinated environment is not enough, one school official suggested this reason: “to keep schools open all the time.”

Enemies of the mask say “gravity should be the measure” for mask warrants and that the virus does not affect children the way it does adults. Tell that to the families of the 700+ children who have died in this pandemic.

It is true that most cases of COVID in children are mild in comparison. This is not the point. The point is, it’s a disease that doesn’t show its face like the flu or chickenpox. It’s not just about what children might acquire, but how the disease spreads.

That’s why experts call it a pandemic.

More than 140,000 children in this country have lost a parent or grandparent to the virus.

Once upon a time, “conservative” meant “caution”. The crazy-eyed Liberals were the ones who flaunted convention.

Where are the so-called conservatives going with their claims that the masks and vaccination infringe their freedom?

They head to Interstate 95 on Florida’s right coast, turn east toward the Atlantic swell, and drop anchor at the Mar-a-Lago Golf Club, where a cult leader prepares his return with the help of those who want to control the country and perhaps the world. .

They will ignore all of his reckless reign, his corruption, his fomenting an insurgency, his wrongdoing, his lies about the pandemic, about the masks, about everything. They will ignore everything, because for them it is ideology. Everything else – even what health experts say – is “fake news”.

Longtime journalist Young lives in Colorado.

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