USL Launches Women’s League Division II with ‘Commitment to Gender Equality’ – The Athletic


There’s a (another) new league in town. On Tuesday, USL announced plans to create a professional Division II women’s football league to begin competition in 2023, called the “USL Super League”. In a press release, USL said that “the Super League’s compensation structure and professional standards will be in line with those of the USL men’s professional leagues.”

Make no mistake, this is a fully professional league. In other words, everyone gets paid. Athletic spoke to USL Women’s Football Operations Director Betsy Haugh, who said, “I think this signals a very strong commitment to the growth of women’s football in the United States, and if we look at the whole situation, this league aims to create more opportunities. At present, there are seven times as many men’s professional football teams in the United States as there are women’s teams, and there are only 10 professional women’s teams. We aim to double that number by our inaugural season of 2023. ”

The NWSL is, of course, the only Division I women’s league in the United States, sitting atop the pyramid with 10 teams (rising to 12 in 2022). With room for up to 28 players per team between the senior and additional lists, that’s 280 places for a talent pool in which some rookies are unable to break through the queues and have, so far, had to send their overflow into leagues like United Women’s Soccer, the Women’s Premier Soccer League and the USL W League – all amateur to pro-am leagues (USL describes the W League as “pre-professional”).

Joining the Super League in pursuit of the DII sanction by US Soccer is the

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