US, Ghana inaugurate new $ 64.7 million investment in energy infrastructure in Pokuase


Accra, Ghana – U.S. Ambassador to Ghana Stephanie Sullivan today joined President of Ghana HE Nana Akufo-Addo and other Ghanaian government officials to officially inaugurate the gas supply point. Bulk from Pokuase (BSP) to Accra. The US Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) funded the $ 64.7 million (GH 391.9 million) power infrastructure project under the Ghana Power Compact.

“The Pokuase Bulk Supply Point represents a sustainable US infrastructure investment with Ghana that will benefit hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians today and into the future,” Ambassador Sullivan said during of the inaugural event. “This will help deliver more reliable energy to people, places and businesses in Accra, which will boost economic activity for the benefit of families, businesses and communities.” “

This is a flagship investment within the framework of the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Ghana Energy Pact. The Pokuase BSP will reduce blackouts in the power system, help stabilize voltages and improve the quality and reliability of electricity supplied to northern parts of the capital Accra. It will also reduce technical losses in the electricity transmission and distribution system, thereby contributing to the financial viability of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) in the long term. Pokuase’s BSP is now the highest capacity BSP in Ghana with 580 Megavolt Amps (MVA) and will directly benefit 350,000 utility customers.

The government of Ghana implemented the project through the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA). MiDA officially handed over the new electrical substation to ECG and GRIDCo at today’s ceremony.

The Pokuase BSP is the first major construction project to be completed under the Ghana Power Compact. The $ 316 million pact helps the government of Ghana improve the electricity sector through investments that will provide more reliable and affordable electricity to Ghanaian businesses and households. The compact also funds a BSP in Kasoa and two primary substations in Kanda and Legon, in addition to other investments in the electricity sector, energy efficiency programs and programs to empower women in the sector. electricity. The compact program will officially end on June 6, 2022.

About the Millennium Challenge Corporation
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US Ambassador Stephanie S. Sullivan

Remarks for the inauguration of the bulk supply point of MCC Pokuase

20 October 2021

-As prepared-

Good morning!

It is a pleasure to be with you today, representing the United States government and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, or MCC. I already feel full of energy! It is an awesome place. Impressive not only for the size and scale, but also for what this bulk supply station represents. First, it represents strong international cooperation between the United States and Ghana – and also between multiple partners working across international borders and across economic sectors towards a common good.

More than that, it represents a major and lasting investment in infrastructure in the United States and Ghana that will benefit hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians today and into the future. Pokuase Bulk Supply Station will help deliver more reliable energy to people, places and businesses in Accra and southern Ghana and boost economic activity, benefiting families, businesses and communities .

The Millennium Challenge Corporation takes a holistic approach to supporting infrastructure improvements. MCC not only provides the funding, it also works with local partners to implement projects and ensure that the necessary structural reforms accompany these new investments. MCC works in Ghana to reduce poverty through economic growth by providing a grant of $ 316 million through the Ghana Power Compact program, with implementing partners at the Millennium Development Authority, or MiDA, and in partnership with entities like the Ghana Grid Company or GRIDCo. , and the Ghana Electricity Company, or ECG.

We are here today to celebrate an important milestone and flagship investment under the Ghana Power Compact – the completion of this bulk supply point and interconnected circuits of Pokuase. On April 30, 2019, I was here on this site with many of you, for the inauguration of this $ 64 million project. I even had a photoshoot on heavy earth moving equipment! That day we were surrounded by a vast brownfield of land and eagerly awaited what would become of this bulk supply point.

Today, this anticipation is now a reality. This bulk supply point was built in less than two and a half years, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the creative problem solving of MCC and MiDA, MiDA contractors and consultants, and the commitment of the Government of Ghana, GRIDCo, ECG and all local and international workers and advisers, we are here ! Ayikoo! The proof is behind me in the infrastructure that you see, the improved electricity supply that we now enjoy, and also in front of me in those of you who together have made it possible. And with $ 64.7 million from the American people, Pokuase bulk supply point is now the largest capacity substation in Ghana, at 580 mega-volt Amps (MVA). It’s live and online!

It improves the quality and reliability of the power supply in Accra. It reduces breakdowns, stabilizes voltages, reduces technical losses in the electrical system and directly benefits 350,000 utility customers. This substation is just one of many investments under the MCC Ghana Power Compact. Major construction will be completed in the coming months on the Kanda, Legon and Kasoa substations, which are also designed to improve the quality and reliability of electricity by reducing breakdowns and technical losses.

The MCC Ghana Power Compact is having a broad and positive impact across Ghana. While the pact largely focuses on infrastructure, other investments include work to address the climate crisis by helping Ghana’s government agencies reduce their energy use, developing and implementing energy standards and labels, improving energy audits, providing education and public information, and investing in energy efficient infrastructure and empowering women working in the electricity sector.

These are long term investments that will pay dividends for generations. And that’s the real beauty of this great substation. It is about helping ordinary Ghanaian citizens to go about their daily business with fewer interruptions. Students can study with the lights on at night. Store owner products can last longer and are safer with continuous refrigeration. Drivers can safely navigate the illuminated streets at dusk. Babies can sleep peacefully – under a treated mosquito net, I hope – during the hot and humid night under the gentle breath of a fan. The electricity sector is a complex system of customers, government entities and private companies. But for any Ghanaian, it’s simple. Unreliable electricity leaves us in the dark.

This project keeps the lights on, as part of the $ 316 million MCC Ghana Power Compact, which is just one of the US government’s many contributions to a better future for Ghana. Thank you for your kind attention.

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