The “Pegasus” case … the target list included a king, presidents and ministers, and the investigation could go international


An investigation carried out by “Forbidden Story” and “Amnesty International” in coordination with 17 international media, revealed a global espionage scandal by the Israeli program “Pegasus”.

And last Sunday, the global espionage scandal erupted against state officials, lawyers, journalists and businessmen through the “Pegasus” program. A number of intelligence services are indicted in countries that have acquired the Israeli program, including Morocco, Mexico, India, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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At first, the discussion centered on journalists and human rights activists, especially since the first list that “WhatsApp” leaked in 2019 and informed around 100 people that their phones had been spied on, including activists from the human rights and journalists from Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Mexico. and Spain, but this time the case worsened as 50 people were spied on. A thousand phones, some of which were hacked and others were unsuccessful.

The biggest surprise is that the list of those spied on includes, according to the French newspaper “Le Monde”, senior officials led by King Mohammed VI of Morocco, French President Emmanuel Macron, in addition to the South African President and the President. Iraqi. .

It has also been revealed that prime ministers who are still in office have been exposed to espionage, including Moroccan Prime Minister Saad Eddin El Othmani and Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Kamal Madbouly.

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Former prime ministers have also been spied on by Pegasus, including the Lebanese Saad Hariri, the Yemeni Ahmed Bin Dhaher, the Belgian Charles Michel, the French Édouard Philippe and the Ugandan Rokhana Rugunda.

In Spain, the national daily El Pais reported that the Spanish government may have used the Pegasus program to spy on 4 prominent Catalan separatists.

The NSO Foundation issued a statement denying the targeting of the phone of King Mohammed VI and French President Emmanuel Macron, and the Moroccan government denied, in a statement, the use or purchase of this program.

The targeting of kings and heads of state and government would lead to an international investigation and sanctions against countries that targeted others, knowing that European justice has started to investigate this espionage operation, while the Members of Parliament, particularly from the left who have been targeted, call for the investigation to be broadened to be European or international.

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