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But as for political management, and its transfer to citizens, this first “botanical” legislature was almost at the end, seen in perspective, a path of roses. All the conditions were met. There was a desire for a change of citizenship after twenty years of PP governments, which had made the Valencian Community one of the epicenters of the most endemic corruption that had ever been seen. The 2008 crisis, which ruined so many families, grabbed the headlines every day with scandals involving popular politicians, many of whom are still hanging out in court. The same PP electorate had started to quit the party: it was the 2015 elections in which Ciudadanos emerged, while the subsequent emergence of Vox slowly took hold.

The left pact had everything going for it in 2015: a clear project and citizens who wanted to hear it. But now the Consell is showing symptoms of being an orphan of ideas

Therefore Ximo Puig and Monica Oltra, although they ended up breaking their idyll following the advancement of the regional elections decided by the socialist leader, they had the breeding ground for success: there was a discourse (that of the citizens of the center, regeneration and recovery of the reputation of the Region, the overthrow of social cuts and the structuring of autonomy) and there was a population who wanted to hear it from the mouth of an experienced party (the PSPV) and another with a desire for renewal (Compromís), while on the other hand the PP lacked the capacity to oppose, lost its credibility between the queues of unemployment and the benches. Moreover, the new Consell had precisely this party without solvency at the head of the central government. You couldn’t ask for a better enemy from outside.

But that’s the past. Absolutely. We are in a new mandate which, having reached mid-term, has not even started. Of course, there is an objective reason for this: the pandemic. But if the covid could reasonably hold any other question in the background, it is now necessary to combine the management of the pandemic and its serious consequences of all kinds with that of the problems anchored at the very heart of the Valencian economy, society and politics. . The second Botànic legislature begins now, two years after the elections were held. And if the first phase of this journey has been resolved with reasonable results (in the context of a drama like the one we are still living) in the fight against the epidemic and the attention paid to those who have been most affected by it. hard hit, it gives the impression that for the second the government of the PSPV, Compromís and Podemos will have many more problems than expected. Covid on the sidelines, where before there were ideas, now there is improvisation. Where there was hope for change, there is now, by being gentle, confusion. Where there has been a push, there is reciprocal disloyalty. Demonstrating in Madrid was free when Rajoy lived in Moncloa, but faced with a left-wing government, neither Puig’s PSPV nor Lima’s Podemos seem ready to take the bill and Compromís does not have enough relevance in court. And to finish sketching out the new scenario, the right of the Valencian Community dares, for the first time, to take into account what could happen during the next elections.

Puig does not wear Mazón, his rival for the presidency of the Generalitat who will be promoted on Saturday to the presidency of the PP. The one who undermines Puig is Pedro Sánchez

The Old Normal - Information

The Community has entered a loop. If you go back to newspaper archives – beyond covid now, or corruption, before – you will find the same problems, never solved by any government: lack of water in the south, underfunding, the weakness of our business fabric and our economy, which is as capable of producing wealth as it is useless when it comes to building a future with it, the dramatic unemployment of young people and the return of the underground economy, anemia of civil society, the astonishing inability of political leaders to find agreements on essential issues …

There is no indication that there is a plan to vary this return to the old normalcy in which as soon as vaccination progressed and restrictions were relaxed, we recovered. Last Sunday, President Puig made a striking show of force in Alicante, the port of which he chose to celebrate the mid-term we spoke about earlier. No one can say that Puig hasn’t tried to sew the Fellowship since arriving at the Palau, so Alicante’s choice for the event shouldn’t attract attention. But it is nonetheless true that the undisguised goal of slapping the new PP leader, Carlos Mazón, on his own territory overshadowed the president’s speech by the “surprises” that the apparatus is agitating. -prop socialist had prepared: the video interventions of the president of the hotel management association, Toni Mayor, and of the provincial president of the regional business organization, Perfecto Palacio. I do not know if the members of the CEV (The Hosbec thing is something else, the mayor is able to shake any cat) They will be very happy that their representative in the province participates in a law of the party and not of the government. But above all, there remains the heart-wrenching doubt as to whether this act was committed in Alicante precisely because here there were business leaders ready to take part in it while in Valencia something like that could not be envisaged. .

Either way, the blow was shortlived as the news from Madrid from this Sunday until today has been all negative: the transfer which much of the province lives and drinks has already had. a date on its obituary (2027), when the desalination plants that have been built do not produce enough water nor have solved all the problems of connections, contamination and operating costs that they entail. That it is necessary to find a balance in the offer is something that cannot be disputed. But that it is intended to impose the end of external contributions without having taken into account the technical reports, without having given the floor to those who will suffer the consequences and without responding to the complaints of the Generalitat Valenciana or the Provincial Delegation not only show evidence of the enormous incompetence we are subjected to in making our voices heard. The same thing that we suffer with regard to the underfunding that we support.

The relationship with Catalonia, which is important, has been privileged, neglecting other equally important alliances, such as Murcia or Andalusia

The Old Normal - Information

Puig does not wear Mazón, which has so far only succeeded with the new “water war” to agitate some mayors of Alicante without their party (and even less its president Casado) still getting wet in the corresponding national enclosure . And whose ancestors, like those of the current head of the Consell, have not been able to correct the historical deficit of State funds either. The one who undermines Puig is Sánchez. And also, why not say it, some strategic error: thinking that all the assets of the Valencian Community play out in a theoretical role of intermediation in the Catalan conflict, a role which gives the impression that it is proposed more by engagement from here than for the interest of the other parties and that not a few Sometimes this leads us to neglect our own definition as a political entity in Madrid and perhaps not having paid enough attention to seek alliances with other communities, such as Murcia or Andalusia. In this, Mazón is in front of him. And not just because of the party’s obvious affinity with the Murcian and Andalusian presidents. By conviction too.

The Old Normal - Information

The water war opens a new political front between Ximo Puig and Carlos Mazón

Ximo Puig’s rival in the next elections will be promoted next Saturday to the regional presidency of the PP in a congress in which it is not known whether there will also be a participation of businessmen but whose political presentation does not define any project for the Valencian. Community: it is limited to accumulating generalities (I do not deny that some are effective) which would be worth the same in any other autonomy only by changing the name. The problem is that the Botànic, and with him its president, also seems to have been an orphan of ideas. to encourage citizens to face old problems more successfully and to take on new challenges. For each other, we are stuck. Again.

Two bad examples

The Torrevieja desalination plant, the largest in Europe, took fifteen years to produce the 80 hm3 for which it was designed. It was Minister Cristina Narbona who gave the green light to the installation in 2004, but until 2019, it did not have the capacity to achieve the expected performance. Now 120 hectometers are needed, so the capacity has to be increased. The construction of the Mutxamel desalination plant began in 2006. El Campello, the municipality from which the water is taken and to which the brine is poured, has not yet received a single liter of flow, but this must begin to allocate the revenue that The cost of this work is paid to its neighbors, on a pro rata basis between the different localities, and which represents 14 million euros for the local funds. To make matters worse, the PSOE, promoter of the works, rejected in a municipal plenary session an agreement proposed by the PP by which the payment period was extended, from 25 to 40 years, which would have made it possible to limit the increase in receipts. The same did Ciudadanos, despite the government with the popular, Podemos and the red light district party, while Compromís abstained. And now Acuamed, a central government-dependent public company run by PSOE and Podemos, will sue El Campello so that it can immediately start paying what is owed, but that same complaint will continue to prevent neighbors from receiving desalinated water. . Nonsense, right? You are right. There are two examples, the Torrevieja and Mutxamel factories, but I could put more. And they serve to understand why it is so unreliable in these lands that the central government talks about desalination as a solution that has already been achieved. Here, there is not only a bet for transfers instead of desalination. What there is here is a justified distrust of hitherto deficient management that it has even been necessary to return funds to the EU.

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