The king returns to Catalonia after the pardons to support the economic take-off of the MWC





The king will chair the gala dinner in Barcelona this evening which will mark the start of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), an event of vital importance for the economic return of Catalonia and Barcelona after the coronavirus pandemic. The monarch has never failed in this appointment despite repeated attempts by both the independence movement and the mayor of Barcelona, Ada colau, to tarnish his presence with all kinds of rudeness and gestures.

On this occasion, it seems that the Catalan government and the municipality will avoid adding more pressure to an appointment, the MWC, marked this year by the decrease in exhibitors, participants, economic impact and commercial forecasts. . This will mean, first of all, that the President of the Generalitat, Father Aragonès (ERC), not only will attend the aforementioned dinner, as Quim Torra and Carles Puigdemont did at the time, but in recent weeks he has not threatened the possibility of making a discourteous gesture to demonstrate his rejection of the Crowned. As one might expect, he will limit himself, like Colau, to not attending the kiss that will precede the agape, which will take place at the Montjuic hall at the Fira de Barcelona.

Visit of Don Felipe in the Catalan capital, the second in just two weeks, arrived politically marked by two events. On the one hand, the granting by the Government of pardons to those responsible for the illegal referendum of October 1 and their release from prison; and on the other, the next meeting between Pedro Sánchez and Aragonès at the Palacio de La Moncloa, meeting which will take place on Tuesday afternoon. These two events somewhat disturbed the independence movement, which watched with restrained joy the release of its leaders from prison, Oriol Junqueras and the Jordis in the lead.

Also, in recent days, ERC and Junts have maintained a marked low profile for fear that the releases from prison and the dialogue with the Government will put to sleep – even more – a secessionism which has barely gathered a hundred people to protest against the King’s last visit to the city (June 16) to participate in the Conference of the Círculo de Economía.

This Sunday there are also rallies called in Barcelona to reject Don Felipe’s visit. Likewise, the self-proclaimed Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) have been heating up the atmosphere for days with severe proclamations and threats against the King on internet social networks, even if, at the end of this edition, neither the parties and major sovereign entities had officially endorsed these calls to the radicals.

The King’s and the Government’s agenda

The presence of the King will not mark the agenda of the Government and its President, which will be at the events that are relevant for Catalonia ”. This argued a few days ago the Aragonès team at ABC when asked about the presence of the Catalan chief executive at the dinner the Monarch will chair today. The move comes after the failed attempt to plant the king that the Republican played in the Círculo de Economía last Wednesday. At that time, Aragonès decided not to go to the meeting that ended this meeting to avoid the photo with the monarch. He sent his vice president, de Junts, who was also withdrawn from the call. The government representation ended, almost improvised, in the hands of the Catalan minister of the presidency. Despite this back and forth of decisions, Aragonès ended up coinciding with the head of state in a private interview with businessmen who gave a photo of the two, exactly what the Republican wanted to avoid.

On this occasion, the Catalan president changed his strategy and preferred to confirm his presence at the dinner almost from the first moment. There he will coincide with the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, and with representatives of the Catalan and Barcelona economic society. In a way, the tone of the evening will serve as a preliminary to the meeting the two presidents will hold next week in Madrid. There, Aragonès wants to reactivate the Government-Generalitat negotiation table, where he hopes to obtain from the Executive a “yes” to his requests for “amnesty and referendum”. Sánchez, for his part, hopes to have another opportunity to stage his commitment to “concord” after the granting of pardons.

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