Serial entrepreneur and management specialist: Michael Ede


During his 16-year long career as an entrepreneur, investor, project manager and football intermediary, Michael Ede (MBA) has honed the skills and domain expertise needed to elevate the careers of high performance football athletes.

Since September 2020, Michael Ede is the CEO and Managing Director of Uprising11, a sports talent management agency dedicated to fully maximizing the potential of new and experienced sports talent. Mr. Ede brings years of industry experience and nuances to the position. His qualifications include the Football Agent Pro certification, courtesy of the esteemed John Viola Academy, as good as Scouting S4 Professional football recruitment and level 1 training for player screening.

As a multidisciplinary and FA licensed football intermediary, Mr. Ede prioritizes and negotiates above all the success and sustainability of his clients’ careers. As a result, Uplift11 now represents football athletes as Tonći Kukoč, Lugiani Gallardo, Lewis horner, and

Charlevy Mabiala. They also work with coaches Emmanuelle Ferrara and Sergei Matveyev. Michael Ede and Uplift 11 were featured in TIME, Forbes, and the Washington Courier for their meticulous and attentive service to global sporting talents.

In addition to his role at Uplift11, Michael Ede is also CEO of his parent company, Maigmike Consultant, a business solutions company designed for modern times. Maigmike Consulting leverages industry knowledge and experiences to transform business performance.

Mr. Ede develops a business strategy across a wide range of projects, helping senior executives and business owners overcome organizational challenges. Michael Ede’s focus on customer success has resulted in countless satisfied customers, all of whom are a testament to Mr. Ede’s expertise and dedication to business results.

Michael Ede is also Director of Training and Development at Brighter connection, a training and consultancy organization that offers courses and learning materials in various fields. At Brighter Connect, Mr. Ede provides training around the corporate sector, government agencies, etc.

By facilitating end-to-end training programs, the empathy, energy and drive for success of Mr. Ede’s clients have created opportunities for over 1,000 learners.

As Project Manager, Michael Ede has worked with some of the world’s largest and most acclaimed financial institutions, biopharmaceuticals and consulting firms. These included HSBC, Barclays, Bank of Ireland, Capgemini, AstraZeneca, and more.

While working with Barclays, Mr. Ede led the adoption of the Agile project management philosophy while tackling challenges such as CCSR compliance requirements. As Global Release Lead at HSBC, he set up a new centralized platform for BIB and multi-channel business account opening based on the DevOps framework.

As Deployment Manager at AstraZeneca, Mr. Ede created synergies between business and technology operations: he integrated enterprise data systems for the company’s “Our Future Reimagined” program and mapped their plan. E2E deployment business.

Overall, Michael Ede brings a level of experience, energy and focus unmatched in the industry. As the Managing Director of one of the fastest growing sports talent management agencies in the UK, he is the perfect person to motivate and manage top performing athletes from all corners of the world.

Posted on July 18, 2021

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