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The decision of Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp. delivering 500,000 surgical masks to the government even without a request or purchase order (PO) was not a standard procedure, a retired officer from the Ministry of Budget and Management admitted on Monday to a Senate panel. This is how Senator Francisco Pangilinan said government procurement staff were ordered to sign inspection documents for personal protective equipment from China even before the items were delivered or inspected. “Some inspection reports were signed even though the delivered goods were not actually inspected,” Pangilinan said, noting that the goods were still in China when the reports were signed. Jorge Mendoza, whose contract as head of inspection in the purchasing department of DBM (PS-DBM) was not renewed, revealed that he remembers two cases where documents were signed as collateral at Chinese suppliers. Philippine law requires an effective inspection before signing inspection documents and before PPE can be delivered and paid for. Mendoza identified the former PS-DBM chief accountant, Raul Catalan, as the one who asked him and his fellow inspectors to sign the papers. This developed as former presidential economic adviser Michael Yang, the “guarantor” between China-based suppliers and Pharmally, who sacked the ministry’s billion-peso medical supply contract. of Health via DBM-PS, did not attend the Senate hearing on Monday due to hypertension. Speaking on behalf of Yang, attorney Raymond Fortun said his doctor advised his client to stay home and rest for five days. COVID-stricken Pharmally official Linconn Ong also revealed on Monday that he and his family were facing death threats if he did not admit his ties to “the CEO.” Appearing at the 6th Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing, Ong said he had received death threats since testifying about alleged irregularities in the government’s purchase of billions of COVID-19 medical supplies . Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said it was “clear” that Pharmally had a “benefit” despite having paid-in capital of only 625,000 pesos. “No matter how twisted it is, it was clear that Pharmally had an advantage,” he told Teleradyo. Pharmally bagged contracts worth 8.7 billion pesos from April to June 2020 to deliver medical supplies to the Philippines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A purchasing specialist said that Pharmally’s admission to the Blue Ribbon Committee chaired by Senator Richard Gordon that she did not have sufficient funds to deliver pandemic supplies could result in corruption charges being laid. Last week, executives at Pharmally revealed that the company had borrowed money from Chinese businessman and former presidential economic adviser Yang, despite the latter’s denial that he was involved in the deal. Pharmally. “It’s an indicator and it should have been a wake-up call for the purchasing department to look into them. Because before you award the contract, you have to make sure that you are financially capable, ”said attorney Zoilo Andin, a procurement specialist certified by the Government Procurement Policy Board. Fortun said that if another Senate hearing was scheduled within Yang’s five-day “bed rest”, he would ask his client to attend. “He looks pretty healthy. He is still despised. He is under arrest for contempt and will have to appear. I think the blood pressure goes up and down, ”Gordon said. Ong admitted to the Senate panel that he feared for his life and that of his family. “Sir. Mr. President, a lot of people are carried away by what is happening to us. I am scared. Mr. President, I am getting text messages,” Ong said. In the first message, Ong said he was given one week. “You and your family will be killed if you do not admit your connection to the chief executive,” he said reading a message on his cell phone. But no one among the senators has asked who Ong said was the “chief executive” the anonymous sender was referring to. Ong said another text message read: “Mr. Linconn Ong, we’ll give you a week’s time, we’ll make sure you have a merry Christmas six feet under. The message added: “The agencies are locating you and your family…” Ong said he turned off his cell phone because he was already afraid of what was going on. Prior to his revelations, Gordon made inquiries with Ong who loaned money to Pharmally for the purchase of COVID-19 supplies. But Ong responded by saying he had received death threats and read text messages from his cell phone. Meanwhile, Senate President Vicente Sotto III told reporters that the arrest warrant for Ong had already been served, but Ong was forced to stay in his residence because he tested positive for COVID-19. Fortun said he was supposed to meet with Yang 30 minutes before the scheduled Senate Blue Ribbon hearing. “Along the way he texted me and then called me and told me his blood pressure had suddenly increased and for this reason his doctor advised him to stay home,” Fortun told the Senate committee chaired by Sen. Richard Gordon. “Apparently because of the procedure, his health was affected,” Fortun said. Yang had said he had nothing to do with the contracts Pharmally made, but admitted that Ong asked for his help in introducing him to other Chinese businessmen who supply medical items.

Gordon said they also summoned Yang’s business partner Lin Weixiong and his supposed wife Rose Nono Lin. But the committee’s chief executive, Rodolfo Quimbo, told Gordon they had not served the subpoenas on Lins. The subpoena server went to the supposed address of the Lin’s office at Warehouse Eight of the La Fuerza Makati compound, but a security guard said the Lins were not serving a warrant there. low. Senator Risa Hontiveros said Rose Nono Lin appeared to be considering running for congressman from Quezon City 5th District, since her tarps were plastered in the area. She said Rose Nono Lin also has her own YouTube channel and is currently active on social media. Meanwhile, Senator Panfilo Lacson said that despite starting off with just over 600,000 pesos, it was still unclear how Pharmally cornered nearly 12 billion pesos in government contracts for supplies. in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Lacson noted that the amount was a huge portion of the 42 billion pesos that the DOH transferred to the PS-DBM to purchase the items. He asked Pharmally President Huang Tzu Yen and Director Linconn Ong to submit official documents to the committee showing the number of contracts Pharmally has entered into and the amount involved. “Just be sure to base your numbers on official records,” he said, even though Ong cited “records” showing that Pharmally could have obtained some 11 billion pesos. Citing figures from the Government Procurement Policy Board, Lacson said that Pharmally had secured at least seven contracts worth P8,625,496,016. “If we add the calculations of Senators Franklin Drilon and Gordon, it could reach 12 billion pesos.” , did he declare. Earlier, Lacson said that the first information he received indicated that only 50,000 face masks would be supplied by the Sitaldas company and 100 million pieces by the EMS owned by Ferrer, although only 25 million pieces were received. Much of Pharmally’s contract involved 3.82 billion pesos for two million sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) that Pharmally bought for 1,150 pesos per set and sold for 1,910 pesos for a profit of 760 pesos / set – a total of at least 1.5 billion pesos. Lacson, pushing for an accounting of the transfer of 42 billion pesos from DOH to PS-DBM, also noted that much of it involved loans that would have to be paid by future generations of Filipinos. It was also found that Deputy Budget Secretary Christopher Lloyd Lao, former PS-DBM chief, failed to report his income as his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) increased. despite the fact that he was a government official. Senator Imee Marcos asked Lao to explain why he had no income from 2017 to 2019. “Your tax return to the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) showed that you did not report any income, no income. from 2017 to 2019. Can you please explain why you earned income from the sale of commemorative lots but no income was reported in the tax return? Marcos said. “Why is your income zero but there is an increase in your net worth?” What is the truth? ”In response to the senator, Lao said he earned his income by selling“ commemorative lots and golf courses. ”Drilon for his part said they could possibly look into bank accounts de Lao and other prominent figures in these DOH anomalies. Gordon told Fortun that Senators expected Yang to appear and participate in the hearing because they have many questions for him. “We’re not going to go. give him a pass, he can show up, he is not under pressure, he is in Davao where he is comfortable. He can bring his doctor if he wants and we want to see him, “said Gordon. “When someone is under investigation they come in a wheelchair and say they can’t appear,” Gordon noted. “As far as I’m concerned, I think he (Yang ) can face the music, so please tell your client that we expect them to appear during the hearing, in particular ier when we have questions against him, ”said Gordon. . Yang was first linked with the controversial purchase of medical supplies after a 2017 video showed him introducing Pharmally officials to President Rodrigo Duterte in Davao City. But in his testimony on September 7, Yang firmly denied any connection to Pharmally and its operations. Meanwhile, Senate Minority Franklin Drilon has asked the Gordon panel to ask the Immigration Bureau to issue a “watch order” against Yang.

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