New mentorship program for young entrepreneurs


Young Cumbrian entrepreneurs are being offered the chance to take their business to the next level thanks to a new mentorship program.

They will receive one-to-one mentorship from experienced professionals and a bespoke one-day course covering business viability, networking, management skills and more.

Entrepreneurs aged 16 to 25 will also receive a £ 300 grant to support their business idea and a free pitch at Copeland’s monthly Young Entrepreneurs’ Market in Whitehaven.

The project is being organized by Copeland council.

Mayor Mike Starkie said: “Support and mentorship at the beginning of a young entrepreneur’s career can make a significant difference to the success of a business, and this is a fantastic opportunity for young people in Copeland.

“We’re delighted to be getting behind our young people and supporting them with experience, advice, guidance and grants to help make sure they have everything they need in order for their business to thrive in Copeland, and beyond.

“It not only gives the young people an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, it gives those professionals the chance to improve their own businesses as they take the opportunity to learn from future young leaders.

“The mentors will provide valuable business insight, experience, encouragement and moral support and the bespoke course will provide the foundations for running a successful business.

“We’re also providing a £ 300 grant to support with business-related costs and a free pitch at our monthly market where the young people will be surrounded by like-minded individuals and others have a chance to purchase goods and support the young people . ”

Young entrepreneurs in Copeland should email Jenny Brumby, business liaison officer, at [email protected] no later than September 1.

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