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New Delhi: Entrepreneurs in the city should be involved in the evaluation and mentoring of the project, said Sanjeev Bikhchandani, winner of the Padma Shri Prize, while advising the Delhi government on the Entrepreneurship Studies Program (EMC) .
Bikhchandani, founder of Info Edge India Ltd. – the company that owns and co-founder of Ashoka University – interacted with EMC students at Delhi public schools on Friday, saying that dreaming big, starting small is a mantra he follows has always helped him .
“Successful businesses rely on in-depth knowledge of customers. You have to study the behavior of customers when you want to start a business so that it solves a problem they are facing, ”he told the students. “There is no substitute for hard work. You will face difficulties, especially in the early years. Think long term and keep persevering.
A former student of St Stephen’s College, Delhi University and IIM Ahmedabad, he began his career in advertising. Eighteen months later, he quit his job to become an entrepreneur and co-found Info Edge. During the first seven years as an entrepreneur, Sanjeev dabbled in a number of small businesses – from salary surveys to databases; from feasibility studies to training. In 1997, Info Edge launched and transformed into an Internet company.
Recalling his childhood, he said: “I dreamed of starting my own business when I was a teenager. My first office space was the quarters of my father’s servants which I rented to him. I spent the weekends teaching at business schools in and around Delhi, ”adding that during the first six years of entrepreneurship, he managed his finances by taking on part-time assignments.
Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia asked Bikhchandani for his definition of an entrepreneurial mindset. He replied, “Anyone who is successful as a professional or an entrepreneur has a penchant for action. He thinks of creative solutions to problems and is action oriented.
Responding to his main motivation for becoming an entrepreneur, Bikhchandani said, “I wanted independence in the work I was doing. Coming from a middle class family, I knew financial stability was also important. After deliberating for a few months, I finally took the plunge with a commitment to work hard and be successful.
He added: “Your first job is very important. Just as the first few years in school are crucial for learning, the first 3-4 years of your working life teach you a lot about work ethics, professional relationships, and hard work. It is the basis of your career.

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