Loans without payroll 2019: how to get a Loan without guarantees

In times characterized by a long economic crisis and an increasingly growing precariousness of work, the need to request loans without payroll increases exponentially every year. It is precisely the lack of liquidity that determines this increasingly urgent need on the part of families. After the era of savings and the economic boom, in times of contraction we must necessarily equip ourselves in this way.

This is the reason why in recent years in particular there has been a flourishing of new loan formulas. In fact, there is an increasing number of credit institutions that offer the opportunity for a loan to finance the purchase of various goods or services. In the panorama of Italian financial companies an important reality is precisely represented by the Bank bank.

How to obtain a Bank Loan without a payslip


In the age of consumption, there is a growing need on the part of families to purchase various goods or services, whether related to education, well-being or leisure. However, in conjunction with the growth in consumption, there has also been a progressive loss of economic power on the part of the buyers, mainly due to the work becoming increasingly precarious and unstable.

The need to have liquidity in an immediate manner therefore requires more and more families to turn to the financial loan companies. Until recently, however, the loans were exclusively granted to those who had an employment contract and an established remuneration. Mostly only those with a secure income could have a loan. The fixed salary represented a guarantee for the bank, in terms of repayment of the sum.

This does not mean that today the loans are open to everyone indiscriminately, as banks and credit companies always set precise limits. However, in the face of the changing world of work that has become increasingly precarious, new forms of loan have arisen, such as the one without a payslip. However, this does not mean that these loans are provided with extreme happiness.

Among the financial companies that grant loans without payroll in Italy is Bank, a Fast Credit group bank established in 1999. Currently, Bank Bank is among the most important players in private banking in Italy. In 2018 the number of Bank customers in Italy reached 1,280,000. In 2019 it was therefore awarded the first place in Italy for the Technology and International Clients categories of the survey conducted by Euromoney.

So let’s try to understand how to get a loan without a paycheck with Bank in 2019. We specify that obtaining loans without the guarantee of a salary is not entirely a simple operation. In the absence of a proven income, deriving from work or retirement, the bank clearly requires some other form of guarantee. Otherwise it would certainly not be willing to provide the loan.

In the area of ​​loans without paychecks, without a doubt, Bank can be considered a rather advanced institution. Bank’s loan without payroll was prepared specifically for young workers, often with fixed-term contracts, and for students who have to finish their studies or specialize with a master’s degree after graduation, for example.

The loan without a payslip can be requested when you do not have an employment contract and consequently a slip that certifies the salary. In particular, today’s workers tend to be atypical. Thus, housewives and the unemployed are also included in the group of subjects who can apply for this type of loan.

Even if one speaks of a loan without a payslip, in reality one must in any case possess specific characteristics to obtain it. So let’s see what the necessary requirements are to be able to apply for a loan without a payslip with Bank. First of all, as a first requirement it is necessary to be a Bank account holder for at least three months. This account will carry out all the operations relating to the loan, ie credit and payment transactions. The second requirement may also be credited with some emolument, such as a social pension always on a Bank Bank account.

Age is also an important requirement for loan provision. The age of the applicant must in fact be between 18 and 70 years. As regards the duration of the loan, you can choose between a repayment at 12 months or at 48 months for the figures between 2000 and 4000 euros; between 12 and 72 months for amounts between € 5,000 and € 10,000; between 12 and 84 months for amounts between 11,000 and 30,000 euros.

Among the other requirements to apply for a loan without a payslip there is also the liquidity available on the Bank Bank account, which must be over 500 euros. If the account is less than 500 euros, it will need to be integrated. Only after this integration will it be possible to proceed with the request for funding.

Another element necessary to obtain this kind of loan is the subscription of an insurance that can guarantee the credit. Insurance is therefore one of the most expensive items among those related to financing without payroll.

To be able to apply for the loan without income it is also necessary to have residence in Italy, proven by an identity document that must be attached to the file after the positive evaluation of the same. With regard to the identity document, according to the General Conditions of the Bank regulation, the Customer must provide his documents for identification purposes or those of persons possibly delegated to operate on his behalf.

The offers for a loan without a payslip are varied according to what is needed. You can then request a simple personal loan. Or you can get a mini-score, or a loan through which you can get up to a maximum of 30,000 euros; or a loan of up to € 20,000. As regards the economic conditions of disbursement, the TAN is less than 8% and the APR is not subject to additional costs. Requests for preliminary investigation are also not required and the costs of all communications are set at less than one euro.

With Bank you can get loans up to a maximum of 50,000 euros, with a maximum duration of 84 installments. The loan can be easily requested online, thanks to the digital signature. The online loan request greatly reduces the time required for the loan. However, for a loan without a payslip, since it is a particular form of loan, the times can inevitably be slower. In this case, as there is no guarantee of a salary, more in-depth checks will have to be made. After the request, the loan can also be refused after the preliminary and evaluation phase.

We remind you that the Bank bank loan evaluation service is also active on Saturday and Sunday for those who are already customers of the bank (for example, current account holders or credit cards).

The evaluation of the loan request can also be done via app or digital signature, thus avoiding printing or sending paper documents by post.

Like the other types of personal loans offered by the Bank bank, the loan without a payslip is not finalized and without repayment in fixed monthly installments. With the loan not finalized, the credit granted can be used as desired, without having to specify to the bank the use that is made of it.

Bank 2019 loans without payslip and without collateral

 Bank 2019 loans without payslip and without collateral

We have seen what are the necessary requirements to apply for a loan without a payslip with the Bank bank. The loan, as we have seen, can be requested in principle without a guarantor, but with certain requirements. This is the general rule, but nevertheless the loan is not always accepted and therefore these requirements as already mentioned above become insufficient.

Since the loan procedures can be differentiated on a case-by-case basis, in the case of loans without payslip Bank could also request a possible guarantor. The guarantor is the one who guarantees the payment of the sum financed in the event of insolvency on the part of the debtor. This aspect could entail a slowing down of the loan practice and a greater hesitation on the part of the financial company, which can therefore also reject the credit.

The customer can withdraw from the loan loan contract within 14 days from the conclusion of the same.

In order to obtain a loan without a payslip and without guarantees, the applicant must take into account some fundamental elements. In fact, Bank’s loan may not even be granted if certain conditions are met. First of all, the loan will not be paid if the conditions for payment are not met.

The situation can be complicated if you have been previously reported as bad payers in the Sic lists. Another reason why the loan can be refused is due to the simultaneous presence of other loans from the same person. The latter aspect could in fact determine a situation of over-indebtedness on the part of the applicant and consequently its insolvency. Or it is a person who does not have a financial position such as to be able to honor the debt in the event of the insolvency of the loan holder. The loan can also be refused if the bank is unable to verify its reliability.

Furthermore, if after the first request the loan without a payslip is refused it will be preferable to wait at least 30 days before requesting it again, since in the meantime the information will be deleted from the Sic databases. The loan also could not be granted even if in the past it has been guarantors of subjects recognized as “bad payers”.

In any case, the bank is obliged to demonstrate the reasons for the refusal to the applicant, who may eventually try to align with the requisites required and then make a further loan request, pending a new assessment.

However, we take into account an important fact or that without guarantees of some kind or of a guarantor it is highly unlikely to obtain financing. Alternative guarantees must always be offered, such as the presence of a guarantor with good creditworthiness, or mortgages on the house, or alternative incomes such as a monthly maintenance check, or the rental of properties to third parties.

Therefore, before proceeding with the request for a loan of this kind, it is preferable to gather all possible information and understand what the formula that fits your case may be, bearing in mind that banks are generally very cautious about granting these loans.

If you want to hypothesize, therefore, how much the installments of your loan can be without pay, you can use different simulators available online such as the well-known one of Through the simulators you can then make different comparisons and comparisons between the various loans offered by Bank and other banks to get a concrete idea about the characteristics of your loan.

Finally, please note that to get more information and learn more about the characteristics of a loan without a payslip, you can consult the Bank website by looking at the FAQ. Alternatively, you can contact a Personal Financial Advisor directly on the Advisory page in the restricted area, or call Bank Customer Care. In the reserved area of ​​the site you can also use the service We call you, to request the call of an operator; info sms to receive information via message; and the Send Email service by sending an email to Bank.

If instead you want a direct and traditional contact it can be just as useful to go to a Bank branch nearest you. You can locate it directly on the Bank website under Where we are. In Italy there are more than 400 Bank Centers that you can locate by entering the name of your city on a screen with a map.

Finally, another direct way to receive information on loans without payroll is to talk to a consultant via chat, available Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 8pm.