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BEIJING, September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit 2021, a global event for entrepreneurs, will be held in Beijing to September 10-11, 2021, at the Beijing International Exhibition Center (new location) in Shunyi, Beijing, with the theme “Connect Startups Worldwide, Innovate Beijing Together”.

The summit will include the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition Award Ceremony and the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which will include core activities such as a main session and posting of technology and innovation applications, as well as ‘a number of information sessions over the two days. exhibition and conference. Focused on the construction of the Beijing International Center for Scientific and Technological Innovation, the Summit will bring together cutting-edge concepts of global innovation in the form of competitions, discussions, exhibitions, pitches and performances, to create a Highest quality event, specifications and communications for global entrepreneurs.

A leading event bringing together global talents

The summit will be a two-day event with a total area of ​​26,000 square meters. The main stage activities will last over 8 hours, and the sub-stage activities will last over 20 hours, and more than 30 world-class guests will share their ideas on the different stages.

To express the sincerity of the invitation and show courtesy to global entrepreneurs, the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 Awards Ceremony will take place on the morning of September 11th. The total amount awarded for the Competition will be 100 million RMB. Based on a focus on projects abroad, a new channel for local projects will be set up this year, with 140 winning projects in the end. According to the data, the competition this year attracted a total of 4,018 projects and 5,077 entrepreneurial talents from 84 countries and regions around the world, with an annual increase of 98.32% compared to 2,026 projects last year. Among the registered projects, 336 projects were funded, an increase of 66% year on year, and the quality of the projects has improved considerably. 1,290 talents of foreign entrepreneurs will participate in the competition, an increase of 25% compared to the previous year. In addition, the number of projects Israel has grown from 2 last year to 203 this year, and the number of Russia rose from 12 last year to 125, a counter-trend to the internationalization of Competition given the pandemic.

Great minds come together to brainstorm and share ideas at the main session of the 2021 HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit

HICOOL will invite a number of leading global investors, unicorn founders, industry leaders, industry experts as well as other distinguished guests to present their ideas at the summit, that will spark a new wave of global innovation and entrepreneurship. Top investors and corporate guests, including Neil Shen Nanpeng from Sequoia China, Li Kaifu from Sinovation Ventures and Zhang Hongjiang from the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, will give keynotes on the latest trends in innovation and development. entrepreneurship, discuss global innovation trends and share ideas on innovation frontiers.

The Summit will serve as both a stage to showcase global entrepreneurs and a window to mark the image of Beijing as an international center of scientific and technological innovation. The Summit’s exhibition area is 18,000 square meters and the exhibition will last two days, with a total of 260 exhibitors. The event will focus on areas such as artificial intelligence, medicine and health and new energies, and will include sectors such as the International Center for Scientific and Technological Innovation and the Pavilion of the International Talent Community, the HICOOL Excellent Projects Pavilion, the Innovation Country Theme Pavilion, the thematic pavilion on scientific and technological innovation and the thematic pavilion on entrepreneurial ecology, and is expected to present more than 160 excellent HICOOL entrepreneurial projects.

Based on the best international talent and high-quality scientific and innovative achievements, the Summit will also this year include a special activity area called “Fund Town” for venture capital networking, which has attracted more than 40 institutions from famous investment to install stands. Entrepreneurs will be able to meet and negotiate with a number of investment institutions in one day. In addition, more than 20 large enterprise innovation centers will be established to reflect the latest trends in technology and innovation demand, and multiple networking activities will take place during the summit, including the publication requests from large companies, allowing real-time access to trading and acceleration results via on-site trading data tables.

The total duration of the HICOOL World Entrepreneurship Summit awards ceremony and concurrent sub-forum activities will be over 20 hours, with a live symphony orchestra performing throughout the summit, fully demonstrating the respect and courtesy to entrepreneurs and creating an audiovisual feast with a fusion of Chinese national culture and elements of the popular world.

A unique opportunity for quality projects to realize their dreams by Beijing

The HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit, as an important part of the HICOOL “six-in-one” entrepreneurial ecosystem, is also a “magnet” for international talent and high-quality global entrepreneurial projects. The six-in-one entrepreneurial eco-services built by HICOOL, including ‘contests, summits, business academies, funds, management and industrial parks’, provide entrepreneurs with an overall refinement of project incubation services.

In Beijing, a city with a high concentration of entrepreneurial talent, a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and a comprehensive chain of entrepreneurial services and investments, the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2021 will be the stage and window of choice for first-class talents around the world to demonstrate their talents and realize their dreams by Beijing, the “City of Opportunities”.

The HICOOL 2021 World Entrepreneurship Summit will firmly grasp the opportunity of the construction of “two zones” (full demonstration zone for the official opening and pilot free trade zone), fully promote the achievement of the strategic objectives of the construction Beijing into an international center of scientific and technological innovation by 2025, innovate in services, improve the chain, meet new challenges, constantly optimize innovation and the ecology of entrepreneurship, build a new business model innovation and open and win-win entrepreneurship in Beijing, and create a globally influential event for entrepreneurs.


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