Can Israeli entrepreneurs give cannabis smokers a better joint?


Can the startup nation design a new joint that will make cannabis smokers leave their rolling papers behind? A Haifa-based startup called Hadek thinks so.

“We have designed a unique glass cylinder that offers the exact same experience as smoking a joint, without the need for rolling paper,” said co-owner David Magen. “It features patented valves that allow oxygen to flow the same way as a joint so the user can breathe as much as they want and enjoy it the way they like it without the expense of paper,” environmental costs and rolling effort a joint. “

The new product is called MUJU, an acronym for Multi-Use Joint Unlimited, and it retains the best aspects of a marijuana cigarette, Magen said. “It’s not like a pipe, where air flows differently through your lungs. The conical shape of a gasket diffuses the smoke in a very specific way. And you don’t need any previous experience to do so. take advantage.”

Magen referred to a scene from a movie where a youngster tries to roll a joint for the first time but can’t seem to get it to work. “Now you won’t need to know how to roll a joint anymore to enjoy a joint,” he said.

While marijuana smokers have no shortage of varieties of pipes and bongs that they can use to inhale the products, Magen insists that a joint is the most preferable way to smoke. This author has been out of college for too many years to comment, but research online has yielded mixed opinions on the matter.

Hadek is awaiting final patent approval for his design and plans to start manufacturing the product in about a year. While the design is already protected by intellectual property laws, the company was reluctant to publish a photo for fear of patent theft.

The product is very strong and durable, and will be inexpensive, probably between $ 5 and $ 6, explained company chief Israel Savion, adding that it will be sold wherever cannabis use is legal.

A man prepares a marijuana-mixed cigarette during Cannatech 2017, an annual global cannabis industry event, in Tel Aviv, Israel, March 20, 2017. (REUTERS / AMIR COHEN)

IF LE MUJU is successful, the economic potential is incredible, Magen said. The United Nations estimated that nearly 200 million people worldwide were using the drug in 2019, and Magen believes that number is likely much higher. In Israel, nearly a million people are believed to smoke weed each year, including tens of thousands of medical cannabis users.

As more countries legalize recreational and medical uses of the drug, these numbers are likely to continue to rise. Israel is a world leader in medical cannabis research and innovation, and the budget proposal currently being debated in the Knesset includes measures to remove restrictions on medical cannabis exports.

Small-dose home recreational use has been legal in Israel since 2019, and several politicians in recent years have urged efforts to allow much more widespread use.

“Every smoker will buy our product,” Magen said. “Even if you like to roll a joint yourself, you need to keep it on standby in case you run out of rolling paper.”

The five founders of Hadek, all experienced businessmen, named the company after a line from a Talmudic passage on the preparation of incense in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. “As [the priest] crushed spices, he said, “crushed (hadek) well, grind well, ‘because the sound is good for the scent’ when it goes up in smoke, reads the 2,000-year-old text that many still recite every day.

In fact, Magen added, the English word cannabis is likely a distortion of a Hebrew word for fragrant herbs, Knei Bosem, which modern researchers have tried to link to the hemp plant.

The company is currently looking to attract investors. “Just remember what happened to homemade coffee once espresso machines became available,” Savion said. “It has become just a capsule and the push of a button. We are the first to successfully create a viable product that mimics the entire smoking experience with only the pros and none, allowing consumers to consume cannabis as they see fit, want or need, the market potential is enormous.

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