Loans Without Envelope Pay 2019: personal payday loans online for everyone

Is there really a possibility of obtaining loans without Private Bank payroll ? To see your application for funding accepted, a series of requirements must be presented to the bank or finance company: these include the presence of a demonstrable income ; this condition would in practice exclude the possibility of obtaining a personal payday loan for many categories of people (not only the unemployed, but also housewives, students, illegal workers and so on). Fortunately, there are solutions to allow these individuals to obtain the sums they need: let’s find out how to do it and summarize the characteristics of the loans provided by Private Bank, one of the most important Italian companies in the consumer credit sector.

How to apply for a Private Bank loan without a paycheck

On the financial website it is written that all Private Bank (Italian or foreign) who reside in Italy and have an age that is not less than 18 years and that does not exceed 70 years can obtain a Private Bank personal payday loan. Taking a look at the documents that must be presented together with the request for funding, it turns out that, in addition to the identity card and the tax code, you must also show an income document ; at a first reading, this statement might suggest that only employees (who receive payslips ) and pensioners (who receive the payslip ) may have some hope of seeing their application accepted. In reality, the subject deserves to be a little deeper.

There are so many people who cannot present an income document and therefore they are among the subjects that could be interested in the so-called loans without payroll : we must not therefore think only of the unemployed, but also of freelancers, artisans, young people, to housewives, temporary workers, students, illegal workers and so on. In short, we are talking about a really wide range of potential customers. For this reason Private Bank and the other credit institutions try to propose solutions to allow these categories to access credit. But how?

For the self-employed there are no major problems: instead of the payslip they can present the last Unique Form with the related payment receipt; even those who have a fixed-term employment contract (which has no difficulty in showing the income received) may be able to get the required amounts, as long as the repayment plan terms before the contract expires and that the amounts at stake are considered sustainable. There are certainly more problems for the other subjects (we still repeat: housewives, unemployed, students, illegal workers and so on) who cannot offer income guarantees that the credit institutions consider adequate.

In some cases, those who do not have a demonstrable income can receive a loan by proposing their own real estate as an alternative guarantee, but it is not a very welcome solution for credit institutions. To obtain loans without payroll Private Bank the only viable route is that represented by the figure of the guarantor. The guarantor is a person who undertakes to pay the loan repayment installments if the principal debtor is unable to do so. Usually this role is covered by a close relative (parent or spouse) or by a person with whom you have a very strict bond. In reality, credit institutions do not care much about the relationship between the applicant and the guarantor: they are interested only in having this set out specific financial solidity and reliability requirements.

The guarantor also represents a solution for those who in theory could access traditional personal payday loans (because they have a demonstrable income), but which are not considered reliable because they are reported as bad payers : These people, however, have a more opportunity: instead of apply for a personal payday loan, they can contact Private Bank to apply for a loan with a salary assignment ; with this particular form of financing the repayment installments are paid by the employer (who then retains the relative amount on the payroll of the debtor), therefore the mere presence of an income, together with the insurance policies provided for by the law for this type of loan, is the only guarantee required by the financial company to grant the sale of the fifth.

Estimate of personal payday loans Private Bank without payroll: rates applied

Loans without a Private Bank payslip obtained thanks to the presence of a guarantor have in fact the same characteristics as normal personal payday loans: amounts of up to 30,000 euros can be obtained and repayment is made through fixed installments which can be paid by direct debit in a current account or through the traditional postal bulletins. Private Bank’s proposal for personal payday loans is quite varied and consists of several products, each of which is characterized by some peculiarities: let’s see what the various solutions and their characteristics are.

  • Easy personal payday loan – available in four versions:
  • Easy Classic – the basic product, guarantees the applicant the certainty represented by a fixed rate for the entire duration of the repayment plan, but it is not flexible or modifiable;
  • Easy Jump – thanks to the Salto Installment option, you can skip the payment of a monthly commitment (without costs and up to a maximum of five times during the entire repayment period), returning it to the end of the loan;
  • Easy Change – thanks to the Installment Change option it allows you to change (without costs and up to a maximum of five times) the amount of the installment, lengthening or consequently reducing the duration of the repayment plan;
  • Easy Flex – allows you to take advantage of the jump or installment options (up to a maximum of five times for each of the options) at no additional cost.
  • Total Flex personal payday loan (maximum amount: 30,000 euros) – allows the reimbursement plan to be adapted to your needs, modifying it over time without additional costs: it allows you to change the installment amount, shorten or extend the loan period and to skip the payment of the installment (up to a maximum of five times); furthermore, early repayment of the loan is free.
  • personal payday loan Cifra Tonda (maximum amount: 20,000 euros) – is characterized by the reimbursement that occurs with the payment of an “all-inclusive” installment: the amount of the loan and the amount of the monthly payment are chosen by the applicant on the basis of his needs among a wide range of possible combinations.
  • Single personal payday loan (maximum amount: 30,000 euros) – is the solution designed for those who already have loans in progress and need additional liquidity or want to carry out a new project; all monthly commitments are grouped into a single installment, simplifying their management.
  • Personal Jump loan (maximum amount: 30,000 euros) – is a loan characterized by the flexibility represented by the possibility of skipping the payment of an installment without additional costs, postponing the commitment at the end of the repayment plan; the installment jump option can be used once a year and up to a maximum of five times over the entire loan period).

Now that we know the main features of financing for all and personal payday loans without payroll, Private Bank is left to discover the rates and other conditions applied. To do this you can get a quote using the simulator made available by the financial company in the pages of its official website: this tool allows you to calculate the amount of the monthly payment indicating the amount you would like to get and the duration of the repayment plan expressed in number of months; the result shows how much the monthly commitment would amount to and highlights the related Tan and Taeg : the first value represents the nominal annual rate applied by the financial, while the second expresses the total cost of the financing (it therefore includes both the interests and the other expenses related to the request, disbursement and management of the loan).

Before giving some examples we must remember that the online tool allows to make simulations of loans with maximum amounts of 20,000 euros. We try to understand the conditions applied to those who need a small loan: a 5,000 euro loan can be returned in five years with the payment of 60 installments of 108.11 euros, with Tan at 9.90% and Taeg all ’11, 89%. Let’s raise the bar a bit and see what happens for higher amounts: a loan of 10,000 euros can be repaid in 72 months with installments of 187.53 euros, with Tan 9.90% and Taeg 11.29%. Those who need 20,000 euros have the option to repay the loan in 84 months with installments of 335.96 euros, with Tan 9.90% and Taeg 11.04%.

Obviously thanks to the online simulator it is possible to make a comparison between the various combinations of repayment plan duration and monthly installment amount (the Taeg proposed varies according to the sums requested in the number of installments). Unlike other institutions, Private Bank does not at present give the possibility to proceed with the forwarding of the loan application directly online : to request the loan it is necessary to go to one of the 160 branches spread throughout the national territory; on the Private Bank website there is a map to find the nearest branch: from Monday to Friday the offices are open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm (you can call the toll-free number 800774433 to find out which branches are also open on Saturday mornings).

Private Bank opinions on loans without payroll

 Private Bank opinions on loans without payroll

Thanks to the simulator it is possible to get an idea about the convenience or otherwise of the various loans without Private Bank payroll, but to get a more complete picture you can search for opinions and reviews written by those who have already had to deal with this financial company. Browsing through the various specialized sites it is possible to note that the average level of reviews is positive : most users expressed a good judgment, but there are also those who have had negative experiences.

By carefully reading the positive opinions one can understand what the main advantages of the financial system are: there are those who emphasize the efforts made by the staff to find the most suitable solution for the client, those who reaffirm the seriousness of the company, those who were particularly impressed by the preparation of consultants and those who are satisfied with the speed with which the requested sums were paid (speed is a Private Bank strength: the slogan is ” one day enough ” and more or less everyone has in mind the phrase recited by the nice Bank testimonial, or “more loan than that!”). Some reviewers have mentioned the convenience of offers reserved for new customers that are launched periodically

Unfortunately there is some criticism and we cannot ignore it: someone accuses the financial of being a bit behind the times, since to obtain a loan it is necessary to physically go to a branch, while nowadays practically all the institutes of credit allows to manage the loan application directly from home through an online procedure; there are those who have had some difficulty in paying the installments on time and found an excessive “aggressiveness” on the part of Private Bank (it must be said that the commitments should be respected) and those who say that the rates applied are a bit too much higher than the competition.

We reiterate, however, that the average rating assigned by users to the financial company is far beyond sufficiency ; over the years Private Bank has succeeded in establishing itself thanks to its reliability, transparency, its seriousness and the breadth of the range of products offered: according to some estimates there are currently more than two million people who are active customers of the company and this undoubtedly makes it one of the most prestigious names in the entire sector. Those interested in loans without payroll Private Bank should consider all these aspects (both positive and negative ones) to get an idea, but should also consider expanding their research so they can make a comparison between the solutions proposed also by other institutions, in order to identify the most convenient or, more correctly, the one most in line with its needs.