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Your credit: Fast and easy

Your credit: Fast and easy

In order for you to get your credit quickly, the process is as quick and easy as possible for you: apply for your credit, bypass the number of bureaucratic hurdles and avoid the road to the bank or the post office. Processing including the VideoIdent process is completed within a few clicks. This will give you a quick loan without delay. Without having to commit in the longer term, the repayment can be made within 30 days.

For questions and problems, you can always rely on customer service, which is always available during opening hours.

The requirements for your online fast loan

The requirements for your online fast loan

In order to obtain approval for a quick loan, the fulfillment of certain conditions is necessary. Above all, banks and credit institutions expect a minimum income of 18 years and a residence in Germany. For the approval of a fast loan, this should not fall below the limit of 500 euros.

While conventional banks require additional financial security such as real estate, reserves or guarantees, the application for a quick loan at Holden Caulfield is very straightforward. Even with a medium credit rating, the approval of a fast loan is possible. On the other hand, other lenders grant a loan only if there is a good Schufa score. With Holden Caulfield, the chance of getting a quick loan is higher.

The most important requirements at a glance:

  • regular income of at least 500 euros
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Residence in Germany
  • at least “medium” credit rating

Apply for 4 quick steps between credit until payout

Select loan amount in the quick loan calculator

To apply for a quick loan online, you must first consider the scope of the proposed loan:

What loan amount do you need?

In which period do you want to repay the loan?

To do this, select the desired loan amount in the online loan calculator and set the appropriate term for you. The calculator will then automatically show you the total cost of your quick loan – including interest.

Fill out the form for a quick credit application

If you have found the right conditions for your quick loan online, you must fill out an online form with your date. Name, address and place of residence are required for your quick loan application. But also sensitive information on your income and your financial situation are needed. Only with the complete indication of all necessary dates to a positive course of your fast credit application is possible.

Receive instant confirmation

The application for a quick loan via an online form has two immense advantages compared to the normal procedure with normal banks:

  1. You can do the processing conveniently from home.
  2. The credit check is done in real time, so you get an instant confirmation within a few clicks.

Upload documents you need quickly

In some cases, you will not have all the necessary documents ready at the time of your online application for your quick loan. But these can also be uploaded in retrospect.

For this, you will find the “Documents” section under your account where you can conveniently upload employment contracts, proof of income, bank statements or a copy of your identity card.

Fast payout

Once all details have been submitted and all documents have been uploaded, nothing stands in the way of the successful payment of your quick loan. This is done quickly and without further delays, so that the desired amount is already in your account after a few working days.